Notaries obtaining license at first time 

 Documents to be forwarded

  1. Duly clearly filled Application
  2. Certified copy of the certificate which is included into the profession of Attorney-at-law. This should be certified by the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
  3. Copy of the National Identity Card
  4. Receipt of the payment of Rs.3000 as license fee for obtaining notary license to the cashier of the department.

After submitting the above documents, relevant license will be issued.

Obtaining licenses for additional languagesclosed

  • When applying for additional language, a credit pass should be obtained in G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) examination for the aforesaid language.
  • Documents to be submitted
  1. Duly clearly filled application
  2. Copy of the original license
  3. Original copy and photocopy of the G.C.E (Ordinary Level) which is with a credit pass for the relevant language. (This copy should be certified as a true copy by a staff officer the Registrar General’s Department or Land Registrar)
  4. National Identity Card and a photocopy thereon
  5. If any difference in the examination certificate and notary license, an affidavit for proof it.
  6. If the new address is different from the address mentioned in the first certificate, request letter for include it.
  7. Receipt of the payment of Rs.3000 to the cashier of the Department for one language applied.

After submitting the above documents, relevant license will be issued.

Changing of Jurisdiction zone of a Notary Public

Documents to be submitted.

      1.Duly clearly filled application

      2. Original copy of the notary license

      3.Land Registrar’s report on changing jurisdiction zone

      4 Annual license obtained from High Court

      5.Affidavit to proof so that any deed has not been written after handing over the application.

      6.The receipt which was paid Rs.3000 as fees for one language to the shroff of the department.   

Action will be taken to issue relevant licenses, after submitting above documents.


Recruiting persons as notaries who are not attorney-at-law

The relevant provisions have been published in the gazette No.1977/16 dated 27 July 2016 on the order for admission of articled notaries under Section 7 read in conjunction with Section 8 of the Notaries Ordinance Cap .107.



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