Act as the pioneer of the people-centered service supply in registration, preservation of documents and issuance of copies of certificates by confirming legal rights pertaining to movable and immovable properties and civil rights of the general public.



Registration of legal documents pertaining to movable and immovable properties and registration of land titles in Sri Lanka and registration of marriages ,births and deaths which are very important events of the populace, preservation of such documents and the issue of certified copies there from at request and thereby assisting the populace to protect their rights.



Registrar General Department which is implemented under the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs Provincial Councils and Local Government is established with a view to protect the fundamental rights of Sri Lankans for the purpose of registration of legal documents relevant to births,marriages and deaths and properties .

This Department was initially established in the year 1864 for the purpose of registration of lands and entrusted with civil registration that is registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1867 .

For the registration of documents and registration of titles, there are 07 regional in charge Deputy Registrar General’s offices , 14 district assistant registrar general’s offices , 50 land registries, 4 central record rooms and 334 additional district registrar’s offices have been established in the Island.

Registration of lands under Land Registration Act, No.21 of 1998 is also one of the duties assigned to this Department.Accordingly, Registrar General’s Department which is a main department of this country , is being provided more efficiency service to the general public by covering activities in a broad area.

Registrar General Department is act by orienting with all divisions and whole administration system towards fulfilling the vision and mission of its and , a special attention is paid for its development and researches via modern technology with a view to develop the quality of its service and provide a peoples friendly efficient service as well as studying new tendency relevant to its scope internationally . Registrar General Department has provide e programmes including e- MBD, e-Lands,e-population,e-Title, one day service for issuance of folios and issuance of births ,marriages , deaths certificates via online methods, to the Sri Lankan people by this time.

Objective of the Department

  • Conducting one day service programmes in Land Registries in which more than 20,000 deeds are available .
  • Providing issuance of births ,marriages and deaths certificates programme via online method to the Sri Lankan people.
  • Create an internationally reputed birth certificate with the signature of the Registrar General .


Registrar General's Department

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

+94 112 889 488 - 489