Assist the public to secure their rights associated with the registration of documents.


Our mission is the registration of legal documents pertaining to movable and immovable properties and registration of titles in Sri Lanka and registration of marriages, births and deaths, the primary domestic events of the populace; the preservation of such documents and the issue of certified copies there from at request and thereby assisting the populace to protect their rights.

The Registrar General's Department was formed for registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the populace Sri Lankan and legal documents pertaining to properties, with a view to safeguarding their fundamental rights.

This Department was initially established in 1864 for the purpose of registration of land and entrusted with civil registration. ie. registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1867

Civil registration activities have been decentralized up to the Divisional Secretariat level and accordingly a District Registrar's Division is operating in all 332 Divisional Secretariats.

Land registration process is carried out in district level and 50 Land Registries have been established in the Island for the purpose.

The Registrar General's Department is operating under the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs & Provincial Councils & Local Government.

Objectives of the Department

  • To secure registration of primary domestic events such as marriages , births & deaths
  • Registration of legal documents relating to movable & immovable properties
  • Preservation of records pertaining to such registration
  • Issue of certified copies from such records


Registrar General's Department

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.

+94 112 889 488 - 489