Post Transactions

Following documents should be provided for a post transaction related to Title certificate

  • Original of the Title Certificate
  • Instrument prepared According to the Gazette notice
  • Receipt of stamp Duty Payment
  • Application for obtaining a new Title certificate, If related to instrument of Transfer
  • Receipt of Registration Fees

* The specimen forms of Post Transactions given in the Gazette Notice No. 1886/58-31.10.2014.


Payments can be made to following Bank Account Numbers for related transaction.

  • Stamp fees for Mortgage and Instruments

Commissioner General of Inland Revenue - Acc. Number 7041555 (Bank of Ceylon)

  • Registration Fees under Title act andobtaining certified copies  

Registrar General – Acc. Number 7041651 (Bank of Ceylon),

  • Stamp Fee for instrument of Transfer and Gift

“Commissioner of Provincial Revenue”.