Registration of a Power of Attorney

  • Any person can register a Power of Attorney to assign permission to another person residing in Sri Lanka to act on behalf of the applicant as an agent(legal).
  • All documents should be submitted to the Head office or Zonal office.
    • Zonal office - Zonal office will register if the receiver resides within the domain of the Zonal office.
    • Head office - Head office will register even the receiver resides in anywhere of the country.
  • The document should be submitted by making personally or by a Notary Public including correct information. Better to get advice from a Notary Public.
  • Documents to be submitted,
    • Power of Attorney
    • Certified copy from the Power of Attorney
    • Affidafit certified by a Justice of peace
  • Fees chargeable are as follows.
Description Price (Rs.)
Registration of a Power of Attorney 1500.00
Inspect Records relating to Power of Attorney 500.00
Obtain a certified copy of the Power of Attorney 500.00
Issue a certified extract of a folio 500.00

Cancellation of a Power of Attorney

  • Applicant has to make the request to the office where the Power of Attorney is registered.
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Original of the Power of Attorney
    • Affidavit supplied by the applicant
    • Copy of the advertisement published in the government gazette in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.
  • Fee for cancellation of a registered Power of Attorney is Rs. 1500.00

Registration of Documents

  • Documents should be submitted to the Land Registry of the area where the land is situated for registration of such a property.
  • Documents which are written and certified by a Notary Public are accepted for registration.
  • How to submit documents for registration
    • By post
    • Hand over by attending
  • Registration fee depend on the condition of the document.
    • Movable properties - Rs. 22.50
    • Immovable properties - Rs. 30.00 (Extra fee for registration of a extra land Rs. 10.00)

Rectification of Registered Documents

  • Can apply for rectifications if the registered documents are written incorrectly in the Land Registry.
  • Relevant parties should submit a letter containing requests to the Registrar of Lands in the Land Rgistry where the documents are registered.
  • Documents should be submitted,
    • Copies of the folio recorded incorrectly
    • Affidavit containing how the rectification should be done
    • Original of the deed which recorded incorrectly
  • Land Registry will do the corrections and inform the applicant.

Obtain a certified copy of Registered document in the Land Registry

  • Can apply by post or personally from the relevant Land Registry.
  • Applications can be obtained from the Land Registry.
  • Fees chargeable for obtaining certified copies from Land Registry are as follows.
Description Price (Rs.)
Inspect the Land Register, index, deed or a document relating to a land 500.00
Issue extraxts relating to a folio 100.00
Issue certified copy of a deed 500.00

Process to Recruit Article Clarks

Every person who intends to apply to sit for the competitive examination, shall possess the education qualifications and other qualifications referred below


I. Education Qualifications

The Candidate shall have passed,

  • At least six subjects including Mathematics, English, Sinhala or Tamil at the  G.C.E(O/L) Examination is not more than Two sittings with credit passes for any three of those subjects and
  • Three subjects (excluding the general test) at the G.C.E(A/L) Examination in one sitting

II. Other Qualifications

The Candidate Shall,

  • be a Sri Lankan Citizen
  • be  not be less than 20 years and not more than 50 years of age to the closing date of application
  • have an excellent character
  • be of adequate physical and mental capacity to discharge the duties of the profession
  • not be convicted of any criminal offence by a court of Law

The relevant procedure is published in the Government Gazette once the application is call for the examination.





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